African Wild Olivewood Bowls with Batik Cow Bone ( 4 piece set)


Kenyan wood carvers craft this striking set of serving bowls from beautifully grained wild olive wood and batik cow bone inlay.

A beautiful tree prized for its richly grained wood, wild olive is legally sourced by carving cooperatives from protected lands. To utilise the entire tree, artisans carve large pieces such as salad spoons sand bowls that last for years.




Sold as a set of four nesting bowls, each piece carries a unique array of wood grain. Sold as a set. Because this is a handcrafted item, each will vary slightly.





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[Large] 10″Diameter

[Medium] 8″Diameter

[Small] 6″Diameter

[Extra Small] 4″Diameter

Materials: Wild olive wood and batik cow bone inlay

Shape: Round & Heart

Appearance: Standard & Custom

Suggested uses: Fruits, Salad, Crisps, Dips.

Care: Hand wash in warm water, dry and rub lightly with a coat of olive or food safe mineral oil to retain lustre.



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Round, Heart, Ribbed


Standard wood, Custom

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